I'm also known as Warriorchick on Livejournal. I'm 24, Love art and making it! I'm into all kinds of fandoms. Live in the USA. Hope you like what I post here :)

Multifandom icons! :) :)

Hey guys! I have a multifandom post of icons at my livejournal! check it out! :)

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Fan Made: Queen of Camelot Poster
Based on the book by Nancy Mckenzie, if you like Arthurian Legend I suggest you read it. :)

Me on my period

me: why the fuck can't I have a dick
me: why the fuck does everyone feel the need to piss me off
me: why the fuck is food so beautiful
me: why the fuck don't guys have to go through this shit
me: why the fuck is world war 2 going on in my stomach right now
me: when the fuck is menopause
"Vampires and Lycans are now the hunted."
Selene: Underworld Awakening